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Services Provided By Swafford Construction


General Contractor / Construction Management

Our general contractors and construction management team will oversee all aspects of your project by supervising and coordinating your projects from start to finish. Our mangers and contractors are evaluated thoroughly before any association with Swafford Construction. With Swafford Construction, you never have to worry about the safety or security of your personal belongings or family members.

Commercial Construction / Renovation

Swafford Construction is a leading contractor in the Miami Valley, offering commercial remodeling, renovation, and new construction services. If you are a tenant or owner of commercial property, we can complete your projec with a custom design unique to your space and needs. Whether you have recently opened your business, you are moving to a new location, or your space is just ready for a face-lift, commercial remodeling can increase property values and influence how customers perceive your business. We offer the required knowledge and experience needed to complete commercial renovations in a timely and cost effective manner. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you closely from the beginning aspects of your design to the final construction stages of your project in order to ensure your new space meets all of your needs and helps your business achieve its goals.


  • Retail Stores: We complete construction projects for retail stores that are opening a new store, changing locations, or would like to update their appearance.

  • New Construction or Remodeling of Office Buildings: Determining the proper office layout for your business is important in any industry. We work with you to determine the perfect layout for your needs.

  • Medical Offices: Medical office construction services from Swafford Construction allow you to fully utilize all of your space, from renovations to new construction.

  • Education: At Swafford Construction, we understand that budgets are tight, and we work to put together a quality space to fit yours specific needs

Custom Home Design / Build and Renovation

Swafford Construction understands that it is a big decision to build a custom home or undertake a home renovation. As a seasoned construction firm, we like to make this process as painless as we can. Our services begin with design of your new home or home renovation project.

We have an experienced and reliable team of designers and craftsmen to handle your new custom home design, construction or renovation. Even if you are not sure of exactly what you want, we work closely with you to make sure that your every need is satisfied, from the design process to the final, finished product.

Once the designs have been completed, we work with you to plan out the construction or remodel down to the last detail.

  • Design: We work with you from the from start to finish to turn your dream into reality.

  • Details: At Swafford Construction, we know your home is your castle! We specialize in going above and beyond what is expected. Your project will be created and built by skilled contractors with great attention to detail, on schedule, and within your budget.

Custom Residential / Commercial Cabinetry

Swafford construction offers an exclusive line of custom cabinetry, made locally, right here at our shop. Our custom cabinets are made to fit your special needs.  Custom Cabinetry allows for size, detail, wood species selection, and any other special requirements. Fine cabinetry sets a room apart from others. We do however carry a line of factory made quality cabinetry that is semi-custom for the more budget conscience.

Custom Media Sets, TradeShow, and Retail Exhibit / Display Design and Construction

Swafford Construction uses all of the resources available to us to build a custom and unique set for each of your specialized needs. Whether you are building a Tradeshow display, Media Set, or Retail Exhibit, Swafford Construction specializes in everything from the design process to the final product. 

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